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Master Rosh on the USARPS chAMPionships


President Obama sold newspaper subscriptions to support his college education.  Abraham Lincoln wrote his homework assignments on the back of a shovel with a lump of coal when paper was scarce.  Carrie Chapman Catt, a leader in the women’s suffrage movement, worked her way through school by washing dishes for nine cents an hour.  The thirst for knowledge is universal, but not everyone was born with a pair of silver scissors in hand.


The USA Rock Paper Scissors League understands this, and will in less than a month help some young deserving athlete-scholar to pay for a year of college using nothing but his or her hands. The concept of athletic scholarship is not new, but the USARPS League is the first to reward those gifted in the World’s Oldest Sport:  Rock Paper Scissors (RPS.)


My name is Master Roshambollah, and I am considered to be the greatest RPS player in the history of the sport.  After a brilliant NCAA career, I went on to compete professionally all over the world, spreading the message of tolerance and friendly competition that are the hallmark of the sport of RPS.  Now it is my honor to work with the USARPS League to celebrate the next generation of the sport.


Some may think RPS is nothing more than a child’s game.  To be sure, many children play RPS.  However, the same is true of football, basketball, baseball and many other sports.  Not everyone has the talent and devotion to become a respected collegiate athlete.  Together with our friends at AMP Energy, the USARPS League will find the student athlete who truly represents the new spirit of the sport of RPS…dare I say a future RPS Master?


My best wishes for a successful 2009 season,


Master Roshambollah