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2008 Tournament Updates


6/20/08 11:26 AM

It’s Friday morning at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and the athletes have started to arrive.  There is a real electricity in the air… but this is Vegas, so that’s pretty much par for the course.  Players are chatting at registration and sizing each other up – it’s never too early to get a read on your opponent and you never know who you’ll face in round one… or the finals for that matter.  I’ve seen some great characters already and I can’t wait to get to the action tomorrow afternoon.  First up… the welcome party at MIX! Note to competitors: don’t get too drunk tonight, the big game starts early!


6/20/08 11:56 PM

It’s just over 12 hours since my last post. All of the athletes are here and judging from the party tonight their here to have fun and here to win big. I saw a fair amount of trash talking but overall, as usual, there is a great vibe among the players. I love this sport

6/21/08 12:30 PM

We’re getting close to the start of the big dance.  Knuckles are being cracked. Hands are being moisturized.  You can feel the tension in air!

6/21/08 1:17 PM

It’s on! I saw an athlete win his first match with four consecutive scissors. He cut his opponent to shreds…!

6/21/08 2:33 PM

We’re already down to 64 players. The action is too fast for me to update! Fists are flying and sot to spoil it but some of the favorites have been knocked out and some of the underdogs are kicking ass!

6/21/08 4:12 PM

We’re done for the say. 16 athletes remain. They’re off to hit he showers, get their manicures and get in the zone for tomorrow’s finals.  I’m off to dinner and then maybe hit the streets to see if I can make a few bucks with a little street RPS… more tomorrow.

6/22/08 5:30 pm

The final 16 players have arrived at the venue.  I circulated among them as they chatted.  Everyone seems friendly, though they are all focused on winning the prize for themselves. 

6/22/08 6:45 pm

It’s about to begin. I have to head to the announcers table, so unfortunately I can’t report on every match to the website… but I will send a note with the winner’s name as soon as I can get to a computer.

6/22/08 9:08 pm

It’s over! In an incredible match that went down to the last throw Sean “Wicked Fingers” Sears from Chicopee, Massachusetts took the title with one of the hardest rocks I’ve seen in years! He defeated Julie “Bulldog” Crossley who had battled back from an early deficit in the match.  I’ll post my full analysis soon, but as you will see when the show airs, this was a match for the ages! Congratulation Sean!