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Fists were pumped and egos shattered, but by the time the dust cleared, only one person was left standing.

David McGill of Omaha, Nebraska became the first USARPS League Champion at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. David emerged from a pack of over 250 competitors to win the tournament with a steady hand and an iron will. The tournament purse was $50,000, the highest prize in sanctioned Rock Paper Scissors history.


The final match saw McGill face Robert “Twitch” Twitchel, who sported a shirt with visually distracting horizontal stripes. This ruse proved no match for McGill’s superior strategy. David completely abstained from throwing paper throughout the first two bouts of the match, then stunningly went on to win the match with three consecutive papers in the third and deciding bout. A chagrined Twitchel left the stage as McGill celebrated in the restrained manner of a true champion, seemingly overwhelmed by his own victory.

The 2006 Bud Light USA Rock Paper Scissors League Championship was held after a grueling series of qualifying tournaments held at locations all across the country. The competitors and their trainers were flown to Las Vegas to compete in the tournament finals, broadcast last year on A & E.