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Syracuse Hopes to Repeat as USARPS Champs

Rock papers scissors is a science to Sharisa Bufford.


"Girls always throw scissors first. Guys always throw rock," said Bufford, a junior television, radio and film major and contestant in the second annual rock paper scissors tournament sponsored by Amp Energy.


But Bufford's theory wasn't totally foolproof - she was eliminated in the competition, leaving the $1,000 and a trip to Mexico up for grabs.


Losers of each round walked away dejected. Winners were anxious to see how luck would have its hand in the next round.


All of the 52 contestants were standing in Funk 'n Waffles Saturday to watch the heated battles of rock paper scissors. They realized victory was only a few hand gestures away.


In the end, junior communications and rhetorical studies major Felecia Moniz came out victorious - winning the Mexico vacation and the prize money.


Competitors flocked to the coffee shop and immediately began practicing their rock paper scissors skills while enjoying complementary Amp Energy drinks. Crowded tables of college students speculated their chances of winning the game of chance.


Information science and technology graduate student Matt O'Donnell felt his likelihood of winning was low. "Hopefully no one comes so I have a better chance of winning," he said. Contrary to what O'Donnell said he hoped, 52 students showed.


Round one started after a half hour of practice and speculation. Three Syracuse University student representatives for Amp Energy acted as referees for the afternoon to ensure regulation rock paper scissors rules were enforced. In round one, competitors were paired up according to the order in which they signed up. Contestants moved on to the next round upon winning two out of three games.


Jonathan "Naco" Monaco, a junior mechanical engineering major, was last year's final winner of both SU and mtvU's 2009 Spring Break USA Rock Paper Scissors League Championship. He was eliminated halfway through the first round. Monaco knew that "percent-wise," he had a small chance of dominating the competition for another year but was hoping to go to Spring Break again.


In the final round, participants needed to win two games out of three in two out of three sets. The rounds went fast and the crowd roared after each contestant threw down a selection. The final four contestants were each awarded a monetary prize. Fourth place received $25, third place received $50 and second place received $100.


The referees raffled off Amp Energy products including earphones, playing cards and wristbands between rounds to all contest participants


After an enthusiastic uproar swept the room, Felicia Moniz, a junior in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, emerged as the winner of $1,000, a Spring Break vacation in Acapulco, Mexico, and a chance to compete again for $20,000 while in Mexico. "I can't even believe it. This is the first thing I've ever won," she said.


Moniz said she could not be more shocked that she is this year's winner. She said she attributes much of her victory to tips she received from Monaco, her close friend since the two were neighbors in Connecticut. He advised her to throw a lot of rock.


"I'm going to party so hard tonight!" Moniz said.


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