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Jamie Langridge Takes the 2007 USARPS World Championship

Surviving a field of 298 of the finest hand warriors in America, Jamie Langridge defeated David Borne in the final round of the 2007 tournament at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. With a powerful paper, Jamie covered David’s rock and went home from Las Vegas with the Bud Light Trophy and fifty thousand dollars!

Jamie and his wife are both nurses in Odessa, Texas and the proud parents of their eight month old son. For those curious to see if RPS talent is hereditary, baby Langridge will not be eligible for the USARPS League Championship until 2027… but you can be certain that his training for RPS will begin even before his training for the potty.

Considered a long-shot, Jamie made it further than the Vegas bookmakers’ favorites Antoine “Shears” Maanum, Erica Cox and Aaron “Premonition” Rich. Aaron did not go home empty handed, however, he challenged referee Phil Gordon to a $5000 match. They played a “hustler” style game with the objective being the first to get to ten winning throws. Aaron beat Phil ten to eight and unlike the other 296 athletes at the event, only went home forty-five thousand dollars shy of what he had hoped.

The 2007 tournament was sponsored by Bud Light and premiered on ESPN2 on July 7, 2007.


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