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Too short for the NBA? Too scrawny for the NFL? Too drunk for the PGA? Forget them. The USARPS League welcomes you with open fists. We want you as a certified member. Yes, even you. So join us and reap the benefits of a world filled with Rock Paper Scissors goodness.

There are many benefits to registering: You'll get access to all our exclusive content. You'll get your own profile page to show the world your RPS prowess, where you can add pictures, stats, personal techniques and strategies. You'll be eligible to win some kick-ass prizes. We'll track your scores in our RPS online game. Basically, registering is a good thing to do.

Please fill this out accurately and everyone will be happy. Starred items are required. You may edit your information later, but we all know procrastinators don't make great RPS players.

  • Photograph cannot exceed 200kb. The best picture size to submit is 600px by 800px. All photographs will be reframed to a 3:4 proportion, so keep that in mind.